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Valentine Sevier

From 1778 to 1783, a great influx of settlers took place in Greene County. Areas popular were in the vicinity of present day Tusculum and around the river four miles east of Greeneville at the mouth of Camp Creek. Other early settlements included the head-water of Lick Creek and along the Nolachuckey River as well as the Big Spring.


Many of the early settlers of Greene County had served in the Revolutionary War and had received land in the West by virtue of this service. The first entry of territory in the Greene County Deed Books was a tract of 25,000 acres which the people of North Carolina had presented to General Nathanael Greene as a gift. 

The following genealogical index is compiled from several sources going directly back to the first settlers. It contains genealogical information, submitted from various sources including names and data and information extracted from archived records such as birth or marriage records. Upon its completion, this index will contain references to thousands of records of individuals who lived between the 1700’s and the 1900’s. Ongoing efforts will be made to compile genealogical data from other regions that reflect Greene County and its people.

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