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The T. Elmer Cox Library is managing and digitizing an ever-growing collection of lineage-linked genealogies and archived records for the specific community that is Greene County, Tennessee. These are merged from compiled and original source records to identify and establish our local genealogy and history. Records include specific source data, and most are part of extended pedigrees and family groups.

We have created a cloud-based workflow system that allows anyone to review and research our collection. Currently this new system is in the introductory stages of development that will change and be updated over a period of time. Individual records will have the capability of showing:

  • Specific family surname

  • Photographs

  • Tangible items such as records associated with that individual

  • Date of birth and death

  • Spouse

  • Children

  • Cemetery records

  • External links relevant to an individual family, event or item.

The Cox Library provides free access to many different types of records. Upon completion, our online records will contain references to over 1500 family surnames and/or individual names relevant to Greeneville and Greene County.

There will be errors while we transition over to this new system.

Thank you for your patience during this extensive process.